Our company specializes in manufacturing tarps and various frameworks.

We provide a wide assortment of goods such as canopies, constructive tarps, awning tarps and pavilions. For your convenience, we have an extensive selection of vehicle tarps such as for trailers and semi-trailers, trucks and vans. Besides that, we also offer curtain dock shelters. The diversity of products is available individually or in multiple quantities with a great range of colors, mounting design and fittings. Our company ensures good looking products with a reliable quality at a reasonable price. We can produce a tent with a commercial advertising or a sign for a particular brand. This will help attracting people's attention. You can order a tent of any configuration and color.

Frames and tarps relieve to keep the cargo in a good condition while being held as storage in transit as well as protect the goods from inclement weather and simply from loosing it on the way. Setting up a tent for a vehicle is a safe, easy and comfortable way how to protect your products from any damages. Our company makes tarps of high quality PVC material. You may select the required material depending on the car body, however, the surface density ranges from 630 up to 900 grams per square meter.

Our company has been manufacturing tarps for a long time. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and a highly qualified staff. Our clients evaluate us with an excellent rate. Our clients tend to work with us repeatedly and recommend us to their peers.

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