The tarps can be used not only for their immediate purpose to protect your good from any damages or loss but also for advertising. Such advertisement is very effective due to many factors:

First of all, an ad can be applied to the entire lateral surface of the tent, no matter who is the owner of a car – you or a company.

Secondly, this kind of advertising is mobile and readily visible.

Thirdly, advertisement on the tarps will attract a large part of the target audience which may be interested in your product or service.

We offer a wide range of very good yet affordable tarps in all sizes. The large size tarps are available at your request. The most popular size is 13,5m x 2,5m. It will allow the tent to serve as a huge promotional material.

Our company places advertising on any car or trailer. It does no matter where you come from, what matters is our desire to help each client. Our main task is to attract a wide range of clients to the advertised brand or product.

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